As a result of COVID-19, dojos across America have been ordered closed. Since there are no in-person classes, regular tuition payments have been suspended. Please help to keep our mission and the teachings of traditional karate-do alive during this time. With your contribution, we can fight karate’s worst crisis since World War II.

Especially during hard times the life lessons of karate-do are more important than ever. Its philosophy of self discipline, resilience, constant improvement, peace of mind, and the ideal of physical and mental fitness, offer great comfort to those facing economic and emotional distress. This goes especially for our youth, who have now been stuck at home for months, while in-person classes and school sports have been suspended.

To bridge the time until we can reopen, Sensei Field and our volunteers are offering seven online classes for adults, and three for children and young adults, every week.

Meanwhile, we still need funding to cover dojo rent, utilities, internet services, insurance, accounting, supplies, and other ongoing expenses.

Any amount helps!

The Community Karate Foundation is an incorporated 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Therefore, contributions toward its mission are tax deductible, charitable expenses for the giver.